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    Today, flying takes a lot more than just calling a travel agent and selecting the time you wish to fly. Before booking a ticket, most people will first check to see how many frequent flyer miles they have, and what they can be redeemed for, or if they can sell frequent flyer miles. Then they’ll call the credit card company to see if there are any deals to multiply their miles, check the prices of flights on various websites to compare prices, check different dates and times for price changes, and finally come to the conclusion that their frequent flyer miles are virtually useless.

    Frequent Flyer Programs – Perks and Peeves    
All major U.S. airlines offer frequent flyer programs, as do many international airlines. The programs offer perks such as ticket upgrades, free trips, and upgraded car rentals, hotel stays, etc. The problem is that many airlines make it very difficult to redeem the miles on convenient flights, so years of accumulation can be worthless. The best option for many is to sell frequent flyer miles for cash.

    Figuring out how to sell your frequent flyer miles can also be complicated, as airlines make it difficult to do so. The easiest and most profitable option is to sell airline miles or credit card points to a certified buyer, such as Sell Miles Now. When dealing with a professional buyer of miles and points, they’ll take care of transferring the miles and selling them, while you get to actually book the flight you want. Airlines don’t approve of the practice of customers selling frequent flyer miles, but it does not violate any laws. Sell Miles Now believes that frequent flyers should be able to use the miles they earned in ways that will suit their needs best.

    Sell Miles Now often pays more for miles than the standard price of a domestic flight. Business travelers can also reduce their potential write-off for travel because selling frequent flyer miles is not considered expenditure.

     Selling frequent flyer miles can be fast and easy, and can be a great way to earn cash with points or miles that were collecting dust. Fill out our free quote to see how much you can earn.

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