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As a business owner, thousands of purchases are logged on membership reward – based credit cards, in the hope that the rewards will pay for themselves. Unfortunately, many members are left saddled with thousands of points that they can’t use, as popular flight dates are blacked out and other rewards, such as purchases of gifts and electronics through amex, are minimal. American Express, as one of the most popular rewards programs, has many members looking to sell amex points.  The most profitable way to do this is to sell to a reliable online buyer.

    Most online buyers pay more than a cent per point. American Express, on the other hand, pays a mere fraction of a cent, in the rage of .05 or .07 cents. For example, they convert 10,000 points to a $50 gift check, 400,000 points to a $2,000 gift check, and so on. The difference is considerable. Some try to convert their points to store gift cards, buy items, return them, and use the resulting cash. This process is exhausting, and most stores refund the return in the form the item was paid for, meaning, the customer ends up with the same gift card. This run-around is also costly and rewards members don’t get their money’s worth.

    When it comes to airline tickets, it often makes more sense to sell amex points and then use the cash earned to buy airline tickets, than to use amex points to pay for a flight directly. This is because the conversion rate that a buyer will pay per point is a lot higher than the one used by American Express to transfer points to frequent flyer miles.
    When selling to a reliable online buyer like Sell Miles Now, the seller’s points are transferred out of the account, and the seller is paid on the spot. There is no better way to earn immediate cash from amex points, and no higher payout.

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